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Eyelash extensions

Eyeline Extension ®


Lina's false eyelashes are popular for their "clean, natural, and elegant finish for adults." We are proud of our commitment to materials, knowledge, technology and safety. Wearing extensions can greatly reduce your daily make-up time, eliminate complexities around your eyes, and have a small face effect. Just wearing extensions will make you feel better.

We will select the number, length, curl, thickness, etc. together with the eye designer according to the desired design and the condition of your own eyelashes. There is no change in the price depending on the number.

There are individual differences in the hair cycle, but on average 5 to 10 eyelashes fall off naturally each day. Many customers come to our store once every three to four weeks for maintenance.

Patch test & counseling ・ ・ ・ Free

First eyelash extension ・ ・ ・130 euros

Refill (addition of extension)

Within 2 weeks ... 55 euros

Within 3 weeks ・ ・ ・75 euros

Within 4 weeks ... 95 euros

Within 5 weeks ... 115 euros

* The initial charge will be applied after the 5th week.

Eyeline Extension® is also available at the same price.

About Eyeliner Extension ® → Click here


Perfect eyelash curl

Perfect eyelash curl ・ ・ ・59 euros

​ プレミアムケラチンラッシュリフト ・・・86ユーロ(準備中)

The best finish ever and the popular Linaz eyelash curls. We have received happy comments such as "the eyelashes will not be damaged", "the longest curl sustainability ever", and "the finish you want". You will be freed from daily eyelash curler and shorten your make-up time.


Although there are individual differences in the duration, many customers come to the store with maintenance once every four weeks to one and a half months as a guide.


Eyelash SPA

It removes dirt and sebum accumulated at the base of your own eyelashes and cleans your pores. It delivers a concentrated beauty essence to the back of the cleaned pores, evokes the cells of sleeping eyelashes, and promotes the health of your own eyelashes. If the pores are blocked with dirt, it will hinder the growth of your own eyelashes. In addition, leaving dirt unattended can lead to problems such as styes, rashes, and skin irritation.

We recommend that you clean your pores once every 1 to 2 months.

Eyelash SPA ・ ・ ・20 euros

​ プレミアムケラチンブロウリフト ・・・86ユーロ(準備中)

IPL photoepilation


S size 33 euros / 1 part

Under the nose / chin / both fingers / both toes

Around the nipple / around the navel

(Approximate treatment time 10 to 15 minutes)

M size 66 euros / 1 part

V line (side top)

Both armpits / both knees / both hands and toes / both toes

(Approximate treatment time 20 to 30 minutes)

L size 99 euros / 1 part

Whole face / nape (neck) / back (top) / back (bottom)

Waist / hips / both legs (above the knees) / both legs (below the knees)

Bust / both arms (upper) / both arms (lower)

VIO line

(Approximate treatment time 30-60 minutes)

Hair removal coupon (set fee)

Number of sheets required for one treatment

S size 1 sheet M size 2 sheets L size 3 sheets

Set of 6 Usually 198 euros → 185 euros

12-sheet set Usually 396 euros → 360 euros

18-sheet set Usually 594 euros → 550 euros

I am worried that the daily self-treatment of unwanted hair will accumulate damage to the skin, and problems such as pigmentation and ingrown hair will become anxious year by year. A woman who can show her skin with confidence even in a sudden situation is proof that she is normally groomed as a woman. Wasted hair is one of the daily stresses that you want to resolve and release as soon as possible.

Lina's has introduced the latest machine that can handle Japanese skin with an IPL system, an epilator that minimizes the burden on the skin.


Photo face therapy

It is an effective therapy for solving most of the problems that you start to worry about as you get older, focusing on spots, wrinkles, acne, reddish face, and pore opening.

In countries with strong UV rays, many people are worried that spots may suddenly become noticeable or wrinkles may become noticeable. If that happens, we recommend that you take early measures. Especially for stains, if left unattended, ultraviolet rays will concentrate on the pigment and become darker and darker. If you find a stain that you are interested in, you should take immediate measures to alleviate your worries in the future.

After undergoing photoface therapy, the spots may become darker and scabbing.

Most people get scabs off in about a week and feel the visible effect.

The effect is not only for age spots, but also for most other problems called aging, it promotes skin revitalization and creates skin that is not defeated by foreign enemies. Phototherapy regenerates collagen, normalizes skin turnover, and activates new cells to rejuvenate the skin.

Photo face therapy 150 euros


Irradiate the entire face with light therapy

Face wash

Moisturizing mineral pack

Revived moisturizing lotion


UV cut cream finish

Photo face therapy coupon

5 times set 550 euros

(Can be used with high frequency Reju8)


High frequency Reju8

High frequency Reju8 150 euro

Cleansing, face washing

Tripolar high frequency throughout the face

Rejuvenation serum

Metabolism UP Gold Cream

UV cut cream finish

High frequency Reju8 coupon

5 times set 550 euros

(Can be used with Photo Face Therapy)

As we get older, the capillaries become thinner and weaker and break. If this happens, oxygen and nutrients will not reach every corner of the cell, leading to an aging phenomenon. The high frequency Reju8 treatment applies a high frequency of 3 poles to the skin and warms the surface of the skin to 42 degrees. High frequencies stimulate the regeneration of capillaries, creating a route for oxygen and necessary nutrients to be distributed throughout the cells of the skin. When sufficient oxygen and nutrients are distributed to the skin, unnecessary waste products are discharged, metabolism is activated, collagen and elastin are actively regenerated, and the skin is revived steadily. Eight rejuvenation effects improve age skin. Especially recommended for those who are concerned about fine wrinkles and sagging.

In combination with photo face therapy, the effect will be further improved.



お鼻集中トルネード洗浄 ・・・80ユーロ

お顔全体トルネード洗浄 ・・・135ユーロ






HARI美容液セレンベーネトリートメント ・・・80ユーロ


(オプション)お鼻集中トルネード洗浄 ・・・60ユーロ

(オプション)お顔全体トルネード洗浄 ・・・100ユーロ





Organic Herbal Treatment Facial Esthetic

















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