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Autome & Winter Collection




Rina's Selection boutique "R"

Opened as an eyelash salon in 2013, it has been loved by many Japanese, Asian and European customers, and has expanded its menu while responding to customer requests. Currently, genuine customers are attending as a salon where high quality total beauty is realized.

Finally, in response to everyone's request to create a boutique, the boutique "R" was born .

Here, I will sell the selected products that I actually see at fashion shows or actually go to buy and check the quality.

In addition, we have a connection with agents in the fashion industry who are active in Germany and abroad, mainly in Munich, and we are now able to import directly from Milan, Florence, etc. The range of products we can deliver to you has expanded further, and you can now enjoy high-quality European brands.

We hold a sales event as an event three times a year and invite regular customers specially.

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